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Fidget Spinner, International Phenomenon Toys in The World

This colorful toys with three branches that is twirling between his fingers invades the playground and also empties the pockets of adults. We had to enter five stores, from which we came out empty handed. And make a few phone calls in other shops, so as not to travel unnecessary miles. Especially since during this walk, the last copies of the neighborhood could fly away. We know the song: with each new fashion in the playground, rebelote. Except that this time, the new object in vogue does not interest that the schoolchildren. “Even the teacher has one, she showed us in class! “Rejoices Émile, six years old. Adults are affected. Everyone wants a hand spinner, also known as a “fidget spinner”. This three-branch spinning top with ball bearings is a huge hit in schools and colleges. Toy stores and other paper mills display the status of their live stock on their doors: “We do not have Spinner anymore. Delivery expected Saturday morning. For us, the last test was the good one. But it was necessary to choose the finish (plastic, metallic, luminous) and the color (dozens of models are – in theory – available) quickly: behind us, in an instant,…