Paula Modersohn-Becker, forgotten precursor of modern art

Paula Modersohn-Becker has been painted and that’s it. She was friends with Rilke. She did not really like being married. She aims at rice pudding, applesauce, walking in the moor, Gauguin, Cézanne, sea bathing, being in the sun, reading rather than making a living, and Paris. She may be a child. It existed in real, from 1876 to 1907.

This is how the writer Marie Darrieusecq described the German artist Paula Modersohn-Becker, in his biography Being here is a splendor. Life of Paula Modersohn-Becker.

The Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris presents the first monograph in France of this artist who although unknown to the French public, is very popular in Germany and is today considered a major figure of modern art.

Marie Darrieusecq tried to repair this injustice:

“The more I discovered her work, the more I’m told it was unbearable that she could not be here. The more I loved her, the more I wanted to show her, simply. “

Resolutely modern and ahead of its time, the painting shows a daring personal aesthetic. If the topics are typical of his time (self-portraits, mother and child, landscapes, still lifes …), his way of dealing with the innovative. His paintings are distinguished by a power of expression in color, a great sensitivity and a great ability to grasp the essence of his models. Despite her short artistic career reduced to about ten years, the artist transmits a rich work that the exhibition traces through 130 paintings and drawings in a chronological and thematic way. A unique and sensitive journey.

After training in Berlin, in 1898 she joined the artistic community of Worpswede, in northern Germany, where she met her future husband, Otto Modersohn, who was also a painter.

Paula Modersohn-Becker, a woman who appears in many self-portraits, feeling intimately, without any complacency. This self-portrait, where she portrays herself pregnant, is charged with a certain tragic irony, since she will die at the age of 31 after giving birth to her first child. It is a total fiction with the artist then not pregnant … This woman was the price in the tensions between creativity and life that on the demand of women at that time. She fled several times to Paris. Fascinated by the avant-gardes of the early twentieth century, she made four long stays that represented a true aesthetic liberation. She sees Cézanne, Matisse, Gauguin, Douanier Rousseau … These influences are essential in her work.

A very short work, but very intense. She has no artistic recognition in her lifetime – she will only sell three paintings in her lifetime – her husband very early, does not understand at all what she does. There is no class in Paris, in Montparnasse, the only place at the time when women can learn anatomy. She finds a freedom she did not know in Germany.

This painting shows a breastfeeding, a sleep after breastfeeding in a very simple and comfortable position for necessarily taught in the maternity, it is an unpublished representation for its year of creation: 1906.

Several paintings considered too avant-garde are presented in the degenerate art exhibition organized by the Nazis in Munich in 1937. His representation of the female body was not in conformity with the codes. It is perhaps the first woman to have painted naked, car models, all simply, it gives a representation of the female body very direct, denuded also of the male gaze on the female body. When Paula visits the Louvre, there are only four women exhibitors including Vigée Lebrun, and hundreds of women exposed. It represents, neither sacred nor madonna nor odalisque. She will expose only twice, and it is a failure … The critics on the nausea before his paintings! She paints alone, she experiments with great freedom.

“It is the sweet vibration of things that I must learn to express, the crepit in itself, in general, with the most intimate observation, aiming for the greatest simplicity. Paula Modersohn-Becker

It was only after his death in 1907 that it was discovered that she left a considerable body of work. In total, more than a thousand paintings and drawings – there are still about 730 paintings, some of which disappeared during the war.

Note that in Germany, Paula Modersohn-Becker is the first woman to have had her museum. He opened in 1927 in Bremen thanks to a patron, Ludwig Roselius.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Engage

Next year we’re leaving real wedding! It was one of the most anticipated news and, finally, the great event has taken place. “His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales is delighted to announce Prince Harry’s engagement to Miss Meghan Markle . The link will take place in the spring of 2018. More details about the wedding day will be announced in due time “, can be read in the official statement issued by Clarence House, in addition, the note states that the couple committed to Early November in London and that the Prince has already informed Queen Elizabeth and the other close members of his family.

In fact, everything seems to indicate that Harry could have asked consent to his grandmother during the meeting held in mid-October, when, according to the English press, Meghan’s first meeting with the Queen of England took place . The couple, who will undoubtedly star in the wedding in 2018, met with the soberna at Buckingham Palace, where they were having tea and would surely share their happiness with her, as well as chatting about their wishes and future plans together.

Many assured that the son of the remembered Diana of Wales could have proposed marriage to the American actress during the romantic trip that made Africa this summer, however, it seems that finally he preferred to wait to do it in London. In addition, although we still do not know exactly where he proposed it, some media say that it is very likely that he has done so in the place that will soon become his home:  Nottingham Cottage, the two-bedroom house located on the grounds of Kensington Palace, and that has been Prince Harry’s residence for the past several years. Harry and Meghan will pose this afternoon before the cameras and, in addition to unveiling the best kept secret, the engagement ring, they could also address some of these issues. Will they tell how that special moment was for them?

Death of Chester Bennington, His Widow Delivers a Heartbreaking Message

One week after the catastrophe, Chester Bennington’s better half, Talinda, ended the quiet and paid a dynamic tribute to her missing spouse. She conveys a touching affirmation of adoration and on account of the numerous fanatics of the artist for their unfailing help.

On July 20, Chester Bennington decided to end life. The Linkin Park singer was found hanged on his Palos Verdes property in Los Angeles. Upset, it was the maid who discovered the body of the artist. The singer has left no word to explain his gesture. At his side no drugs, but only a bottle of alcohol. Deeply hurt by a painful childhood, the metal singer fought many years against his addictions. He committed suicide on the birthday of his friend Chris Cornell, who died two months before.

To honor his memory, his wife, Talinda has recently come out of his silence. Married in 2006 with the singer, they had together 3 children: Tyler, and binoculars Lilly and Lila. At PEOPLE, she gives a heartfelt tribute to her late husband:

“A week ago I lost my soulmate and the children lost their hero. Our fairy tale has recently turned to drama. How to move forward? The only answer is to bring up our children with the love I have left”

In her message, Talinda also has a thought for the many fans of the artist:

“I want to say to all fans around the world that we feel their love,” she said. “We also feel their pain. My children are too young to have lost their father. And I know that each of you will honor his memory with dignity. She was a beautiful person with the voice of an angel. Now freed from his suffering, he can now sing in peace, Rest in peace, my love”

Since the singer’s death, tributes multiply. Deeply affected, members of the Linkin Park group announced that they were canceling their tour. They also announced they want to engage in suicide prevention.

Fidget Spinner, International Phenomenon Toys in The World

This colorful toys with three branches that is twirling between his fingers invades the playground and also empties the pockets of adults. We had to enter five stores, from which we came out empty handed. And make a few phone calls in other shops, so as not to travel unnecessary miles. Especially since during this walk, the last copies of the neighborhood could fly away. We know the song: with each new fashion in the playground, rebelote. Except that this time, the new object in vogue does not interest that the schoolchildren. “Even the teacher has one, she showed us in class! “Rejoices Émile, six years old. Adults are affected. Everyone wants a hand spinner, also known as a “fidget spinner”.

This three-branch spinning top with ball bearings is a huge hit in schools and colleges. Toy stores and other paper mills display the status of their live stock on their doors: “We do not have Spinner anymore. Delivery expected Saturday morning. For us, the last test was the good one. But it was necessary to choose the finish (plastic, metallic, luminous) and the color (dozens of models are – in theory – available) quickly: behind us, in an instant, had formed a queue composed of children and adults. “It seems that it is an antistress,” says Fabienne, a mother almost in her forties who pushes a baby in a stroller. “At my job, many of my colleagues have one. And to put two in front of the box, a classic 5 euros, and a bright 7 euros for her.

International phenomenon
Some department stores have sold a hundred in a few hours and are quickly out of stock: “It is impossible to meet all the demand”, note to AFP Frederic Clerbout, head of shopping games at Play Toys ” R ” Us. “For my supply next week, I even had to multiply the quantities by two or even three”, evoking an order of several tens of thousands of pieces, which is “very, very rare” .

The phenomenon has invaded United States family that the object began to meet with great success, but years after its creation. Originally, it was an American mother who dreamed up the spinner in the ’90s to play with her daughter, who had autism and a disease causing muscle weakness. Catherine Hettinger told the Guardian that she could not play much with her, and “so I started tinkering with newspapers and tape and other stuff. It was not even a prototype, it was a semblance of something, she started playing with it in different ways, and I adapted it. Other parents of autistic or hyperactive have gradually adopted: the spinning top with three branches allowed their children to calm down and channel their concentration, especially in the classroom.

The most satisfying object in the world
Gradually, all children take ownership, first in the United States, then in Europe, especially in Belgium and Switzerland. In France, he landed less than a month ago and has invaded the playgrounds exponentially. “It’s the Internet that has blown up the phenomenon,” says Frédéric Clerbout, comparing the phenomenon to the trend of plastic bracelets Loom, three years ago. Some praise the benefits of the “spinner”, arguing that the handling helps them to be distressed and that watching the spinning spinning would appease them. “By spinning the top, we are focused on it, for two minutes, it reminds Tibetan rituals of mandalas and it has a soothing effect. One can imagine that the fact that it turns and that the attention is thus fixed on this rotary movement. It is a replacement for the rotation of the pen,” says Angélique Cimelière, psychologist for children and adolescents in Paris.

All train to do tricks and throw themselves on the “tutorials” broadcast online on YouTube. The French Dr Nozman published in mid-March a four-minute video titled “the most satisfying object in the world”, which has already been seen more than 3 million times! On the program: rotate the object by wearing it from the center, make it pass from one hand to another without it stops twirling, put it on his head or on his nose, make it pass under his leg. Hypnotizing to watch, and even more in its light version, with the stroboscopic effect.

So good for concentration, really? Nothing is less sure. In the United States, 32% of the largest schools in the country have banned the famous top. The only certainty: Catherine Hettinger, who invented this spinning tops, passed by the chicken with the golden eggs. Unable to continue paying patent fees (a little less than 400 euros), she lost her patent in the early 2000s and will not have taken a single penny out of the global craze for her invention. But she is not bitter about it and even says “happy to have designed an object that pleases people and that really suits them”. A wisdom can be won by using his “fidget spinner”, but that gives the tournis.