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Super Bowl 2018 : Justin Timberlake returns after 14 years

Justin Timberlake, pictured here during the Golden Globes ceremony on January 7, will be performing the half-time Super Bowl show on Sunday.

The artist is the headliner, Sunday, the halftime show of the Super Bowl. 14 years after “Nipplegate”, Justin Timberlake is a jack of all-trades who wants to open a new sequence. It’s a high-risk weekend for Justin Timberlake. In the space of two days, the American artist plays two capital cards in his singing career. After unveiling Friday his new album (Man of the Woods) – the first in five years – he is preparing to ensure the show at halftime Super Bowl, this Sunday, during the most watched show in the United States.

Being the headline of the event is just the logical next step for Justin Timberlake, who was scandalous, 14 years ago, on the same stage. At the time, the 23-year-old rising singer was the surprise guest of half-time star Janet Jackson. At the end of Rock Your Body, he inadvertently reveals the breast of his partner and triggers the famous “nipplegate” -the controversy of the nipple in French- that shocks American People.

Despite the incident, Justin Timberlake managed to navigate between music and cinema, and even appeared on television. A risky jack-in-the-box technique that has paid off for the Disney Club’s former star child. In the cinema, “I had everything to prove”.

Indeed, on stage at the Super Bowl, in the bins and streaming platforms with his new record, Justin Timberlake also invited himself to the cinema. The quadragenarian is showing, since Wednesday in France, Wonder Wheel. This film, signed by controversial director Woody Allen, follows four characters in the excitement of an amusement park in the 1950’s.

The singer, who replies to Kate Winslet, plays Mickey, a seductive lifeguard who dreams of becoming a playwright. If the feature film is turned upside down in the wake of the Weinstein affair, and because of the suspicions of sexual abuse hanging over Woody Allen, it gives Justin Timberlake a status of confirmed actor.

“All day, I’m thinking of what Woody Allen is going to tell me on the set. I think we all have some level of stress, and I’ve reached it. panic, “said Justin Timberlake at Variety in November 2016, then filming Wonder Wheel. Collaborating with famous directors, the former boy band member NSYNC has already experimented with it. Since 2004, when he decided to put his musical career in parentheses to devote himself to film, he shot under the direction of several big names.

In 2010, he made his mark in David Fincher’s The Social Network. In the film about the creation of Facebook and the rise of its creator Mark Zuckerberg, he slips into the skin of the unfriendly entrepreneur Sean Parker, co-founder of Napster. Three years later, it is the Cohen brothers who appeal to him for Inside Llewyn Davis.

Supporting second roles that are added to others, lighter, mainly in romantic comedies (Love Guru in 2008, Bad Teacher and Sex with Friends in 2011). “I had everything to prove, I had to take secondary roles, which is not a problem when they are well written,” he remembers, interviewed by Le Monde.
32 million albums sold

However, there is no question for Justin Timberlake abandon the music. In parallel with cinema, he does not give up his first passion and unveils, in 2006, Future Sex / Love Sounds. Worn by the titles What Goes Around … / … Comes Around and SexyBack, this second album is a box. It runs to 684,000 copies in a week and settles right out of the top of the Billboard rankings. Before disappearing radar screens.

Because Justin Timberlake likes to take his time and return to the shadows for many years. Create lack to better return, a winning strategy? If it will take seven years before releasing his third opus, The 20/20 Experience, the album, from which titles are derived Suit and Tie and Mirrors, is even better than the previous one and sells for more than two million copies. “I did not succeed in my cinematographic and musical career until I disappeared for months, if necessary.” This is where I work, and progresses, “says the singer.

A success that allows his performer to be voted “Man of the Year” 2013 by the magazine GQ which sees in him “the greatest pop star of the world”. Including his fourth album, The 20/20 Experience: 2 Of 2 unveiled soon after, Justin Timberlake sold 32 million records and 56 million singles. He describes Man of the Woods as his “most personal” album, inspired by his origins and his family.
TV, to reveal itself differently

Besides cinema and music, Justin Timberlake also goes through the TV box. In the famous Saturday Night Live talk show, the singer lends himself to humorous chronicles and unveils a new facet of his personality. He joins American comedians The Lonely Island for the Dick in a Box video in which they parody R & B singers. “I saw him in Saturday Night Live! […] He was so funny, natural, friendly and camped in such different characters, I understood that he was a good person”, recalls in the columns of the Hollywood Reporter, the producer Will Gluck who hired Justin Timberlake for his film Sex with friends.

Humor, Justin Timberlake has just demonstrated by mentioning his participation in the Super Bowl last October. In a television interview, the singer joked about his participation in 2004 by indicating that such an incident “will not happen again” this year [to see at 1:08].

On stage, Justin Timberlake will resume his greatest hits including the title Can not Stop the Feeling !, released in 2016, thanks to which he had returned to the top of the rankings. For several months, the singer lends himself to intense preparation, both physical and mental. On Instagram, he recently unveiled some videos of his training … while taking care not to reveal the show that must remain ultra secret until Sunday evening.

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