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Google Pay Tribute to Sergei Eisenstein, A Film Maker From Latvia

Google Doodle – Sergei Eisenstein, film director of Jewish origin born in Riga (Latvia) on January 23, 1898, was a man ahead of his time. It was his way of dealing with social class conflicts that earned him a confrontation with Stalin.

His communist ideals led him to be labeled a controversial figure. He had numerous conflicts with government officials for his way of dealing with the conflicts of social classes in cinema. It represented the struggle of the oppressed workers against the ruling class.

In order to continue filming and giving free rein to his imagination, I had to migrate to the United States, although the lack of a residence allowed that I ended up residing in Mexico between 1930 and 1932. But, it was never finished and Sergei Eisenstein ended up going back to Moscow.

His visit to North America made it accentuate the Russian censorship on him. His return was viewed with suspicion by the Soviet regime. The two following films of Eisenstein were censored directly by political questions and the film director passed to deep depression.

On February 11, 1948, He died after suffering a heart attack that resulted him to hemorrhage. His loss was a tragic news for the cinema, but his contribution has served as inspiration for the following generations.

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