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10 Top Trending Search of 2017

In 2017 many occasion are memorable. There are Hurricanes Irma that destroys some countries in the world. There was a sex scandal done by a famous person. Two mobile phones suddenly viral and eagerly awaited his presence. A prospective queen who is being married. Spin toys that calm the players. And the black horse from the Cricket game in South Asia.

1. Hurricane Irma
The US National Hurricane Center said on Saturday (9/9/2017) Hurricane Irma devastated the State of Florida, destroying the Caribbean and Cuban islands, becoming the most expensive storm in US history. The 4 categorized storm with wind speeds of 130 miles per hour, has threatened many people in Florida and cuts off the peninsula through the State of Georgia. This storm has caused 22 people died and thousands of people homeless. Estimated losses reached USD200 billion.

2. iPhone 8
iPhone 8, which was launched on September 22, 2017, is highly anticipated. iPhone 8 is rumored to have a considerable difference from the iPhone 7. Having a highly commended camera results, wireless charging as a future solution for smartphones.

3. iPhone X
iPhone X is a series of Apple smartphones that carry features from the future. The technology is installed into the iPhone X so that the price could add 10,000 USD. Face ID is one of the applications that can be enabled on the iPhone X. Can open the smartphone with facial photos. It uses a very sophisticated processor and two cameras so the photos are amazing.

4. Matt Lauer
Matt Lauer is a speaker of the very popular “Today” event in America hit by a sexual scandal after being reported by his female colleague. Matt Lauer is a well-known media personality in the NBC media since 1997. He is the most expensive event host for 20 million a year. Matt Lauer was eventually fired from NBC after an investigation.

5. Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle is an American actress who will later become the royal family of England to accompany Prince Harry in May 2018. Meghan Markle is known as a famous actress in the movie remember me and horrible bosses. The latest news, the entire social media account was removed to welcome his marriage.

6. 13 Reason Why
The film adaptation by Jay Asher became a dark film from Netflix in 2017. The film series is about a young girl, Hannah, who committed suicide due to pressure from his friends. Hannah again manifests herself and blames friends who used to bullying and caused her to commit suicide. This film although it can be used as a discussion between parents with children about bullying, but this film contains enough bed scenes, dirty speech, so it is not good also watch the young children.

7. Tom Petty
Thomas Earl Petty was an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and actor. Petty served as the lead singer of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers formed in 1976. He died on 2 October 2017, dies at 66. The band’s 1976 debut album, “Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers,” made a little impact until a tour of England put the album on the British charts. Then the single “Breakdown” made its way onto American radio, reaching No. 40 on the Top 40. Roger McGuinn of his Byrds recorded his own version of the Heartbreakers’ Byrds-style “American Girl.”

8. The Fidget Spinner
Spinner fidget toys are suddenly popular in 2017. Catherine Hettinger’s artificial toys are believed to be used for therapeutic concentrations including ADHD. The toy is spinning using 1 main bearing and 3 wings that are balanced so that the toy can spin very long. Because of the popularity, some schools to prohibit their students bring this toy to school.

9. Chester Bennington
Chester Bennington, the singer from Linkin Park found dead on July 20, 2017, after hanging himself. Chester Bennington ended his life due to the depression he had hidden for years. His wife Talinda stated in a video shared on his twitter account that he still had time to joke with him and his children. Talinda distributed the video and said that depression has no face.

10. India National Cricket Team
India National Cricket Team is a cricket team that in the game is very superior. Unfortunately, on June 18, Pakistan defeated India in an incredible victory at the International Cricket Council Champions Trophy 2017 Final at The Oval in South London.

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