iPhone X Raises Apple Stock

The introduction of money related outcomes for its last financial quarter has enabled Apple to move to a record cost of more than $ 174, making it out of the blue the $ 900 billion sign of market valuation.

The announcement of its financial results for its last fiscal quarter led Apple ‘s share price to rise by more than 3%, bringing it to a new record of more than $ 174 .

With such a value, its market capitalization exceeded for the first time the $ 900 billion mark , while it was still $ 870 billion a day earlier.

The California firm has announced sales of $ 52.6 billion for a net profit of $ 10.7 billion in the quarter ended September. Over this period, Apple has managed to sell 46.7 million iPhones (a little more than last year at the same time), but also 10.3 million iPad (a little more than last year also ) and 5.4 million Macs.

Especially, Apple already anticipates a turnover of between 84 and 87 billion dollars for the current quarter, beyond the expectations of analysts, which has placed investors in confidence.

The California firm is in the running to achieve in the short or medium term the symbolic course of a stock market valuation of $ 1000 billion and this objective is more than ever in the line of fire.

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