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A New Feature From WhatsApp, Delete The Message Before 7 Minutes

Many Whatsapp groups we follow, sometimes we send a message WhatsApp by accident. Have you ever experienced it? Starting today, you can delete it by updating the latest WhatsApp. Terms and conditions apply that the message has not been exceeded within 7 minutes after being sent to others or within the group.

When you will delete the message, at that point WhatsApp will give you the alternative for “delete for me”, or “delete for everyone”. While picking “delete for everyone”, WhatsApp will pull the message you sent so it does not need to read the recipient. If the recipient already read, at least he cannot save the message, because it will be erased in chat history.

You can check whether to be one of the lucky WhatsApp users who has already received this feature or not. You can update the app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or Windows Store.

If the update is not available, it means you can not try it yet. If it has been updated and has not been able to take advantage of this feature, it means you have to be patient for some time to come. This feature has been designed by WhatsApp since 2016 so it has been long anticipated and is now being released for some users.

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