Carnage in Las Vegas What We Not Know

30,000 people attend a concert in Las Vegas when gunfire suddenly falls. Gradually, more and more details of the tragedy become known.

What happened?

Visitors to an open-air concert in Las Vegas received many shots on Sunday evening (local time). The attack on the Route 91 Harvest Festival killed dozens of people, well over 50, and injured more than five hundred others. According to police, the alleged shooter has been killed by forces on the 32nd floor of the nearby Mandalay Bay hotel.

Country vocalist Jason Aldean had just started his last song for the evening when first shots were fired around 11pm local time. The perpetrator had previously broken with a hammer or the like the window of his room on the 32nd floor of the hotel “Mandalay Bay” in Las Vegas. Onlookers report that they initially thought the blasts were firecrackers. Significantly artist Aldean did not react at the outset, but rather kept on playing a couple of bars until the point that he all of a sudden fled from the stage.

Pictures of the attack site show escaping concert guests as well as people lying on the floor. In videos on social networks continuous shots are heard in a very fast sequence. Witnesses report that they had sounded like machine-gun fire. An onlooker told the nearby TV station “KLAS” that he had seen somebody tossing several shots at the group a couple of floors over the show. According to police, eyewitnesses in distress calls said they had noticed that the hotel was fired.

In the video: “Crawl over the dead”: Eyewitnesses describe moment, as offender fired from 32nd floor
“At the time, we do not think there are any (other) shooters left.” The perpetrator, according to the police, is the 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, said to have done his job alone: ​​”We believe it’s one a lonely wolf, ” the police said, US media show pictures of a fair-skinned man with gray hair in a woman’s arms, holding a glass in his hand since 2016 in a community with many retirees near Las Vegas and His foreman Eric Paddock describes the shooter as an inconspicuous man, he is said to have had a passion for gambling and played for high six-figure sums.

The investigators sought after the fact a woman of Asian origin named Marilou Danely. In what connection is the woman to the incidents, said the chief of police of Las Vegas not. He called her a companion of the attacker. According to media reports, the woman may have lived with the perpetrator. She was found hours after the fact. In addition, the police discovered two vehicles with license plates of the federal state Nevada, which were also searched.

Murder weapons:

Which weapon the perpetrator wrought the bloodbath has not yet been finally clarified. In the hotel room from which the man opened the fire, investigators secured a total of 16 firearms, including automatic rifles and the weapon with which the shooter then aimed himself.

In a raid on Paddock’s private home in Mesquite, 130 kilometers from Las Vegas, officials found the sheriff had another 18 firearms, thousands of rounds of ammunition, the explosive Tannerite, and ammonium nitrate used in bomb-making. The second mansion in Reno should also be investigated.


Currently, the authorities claim 59 deaths and more than 500 injured. Hospitals treat several seriously injured people. “We crawled over the dead,” says the concertgoer Cari Copeland Pearson the news agency dpa.

Even several policemen who visited the concert in their free time should have been killed. The singer Jason Aldean remained intact, as he announced a few hours after the bloodbath. “Tonight was more than terrible,” wrote the artist. “I’m still missing the words, but I wanted to let you know that I and my crew are safe. My thoughts and prayers are for all who are affected today. ”

Why were there so many victims?

The offender probably shot out of an elevated position. With around 30,000 people in a confined space, “he just had to aim for the middle and pull the trigger,” said James Gagliano, retired FBI agent CNN. In addition, the position of the shooter caused confusion and panic in the crowd. If a shooter fires from an elevated position, “nobody knows where the shots come from,” Gagliano said. “People are not trained to look up.” As a weapon, the perpetrator probably used a machine gun or another military weapon, said the FBI expert on.

What is still unclear:
Which motive did the shooter have? Currently, it is completely unclear why the alleged perpetrator opened the fire on the concert visitors. Although the terrorist militia IS claims that the man was one of their “warriors”. But there are no clues.

It is also unclear whether he really acted alone and what role the woman plays, the police were looking for.

There are indications that could speak against the first thesis of the investigators, that it was a single offender. For some shots of the shootings give the impression that two weapons were fired simultaneously. The videos have a dark, dull sound and a lighter, metallic tone. An observer told the US station “FOX News” : “It seemed like more than a machine gun.”

It is also unclear at the moment why the shooter – or the shooter – was able to shoot so long, even though the crime took place in a city with a huge police presence.Onlookers report that they initially thought the blasts were firecrackers. Significantly artist Aldean did not react at the outset, but rather kept on playing a couple of bars until the point that he all of a sudden fled from the stage.