The Great American Darkness 2017

The Great American Darkness – stargazers really called it that way – influenced the earth, to moon, and sun in solitude among themselves. Inside 100 minutes, a totally obscured sun more than 14 US states was seen on Monday. At 10.16 started in Lincoln Beach, Oregon, the aggregate sun powered overshadowing. She once traversed North America, from the northwest toward the southeastern United States to South Carolina.

Virtually none of it could be seen from Europe. Nevertheless, a total solar eclipse is a world event. Why is it even happening? How common is this – and what does that have to do with Albert Einstein and his general theory of relativity ?

Experts estimate that the darkness has been followed by more people live and on screens than any other event in history. Alone twelve million Americans live in the approximately 100-kilometer-wide strip, in which the sun had been completely obscured by the moon. This core shadow could have reached another 200 million US citizens within a day’s journey. And finally, about seven million Sofi tourists had been expected. Therefore, the authorities also feared a historic traffic collapse with traffic jams and long waiting times on the highways.

There were festivals and events throughout Kernschatten Land. Almost all of North America was over the moon. There was virtually nothing to see over Europe. In the extreme northwest of the Federal Republic of the sun should have looked at most very easily eaten. Only slightly better should have been in Portugal and on the edge of the UK.