Death of Chester Bennington, His Widow Delivers a Heartbreaking Message

One week after the catastrophe, Chester Bennington’s better half, Talinda, ended the quiet and paid a dynamic tribute to her missing spouse. She conveys a touching affirmation of adoration and on account of the numerous fanatics of the artist for their unfailing help.

On July 20, Chester Bennington decided to end life. The Linkin Park singer was found hanged on his Palos Verdes property in Los Angeles. Upset, it was the maid who discovered the body of the artist. The singer has left no word to explain his gesture. At his side no drugs, but only a bottle of alcohol. Deeply hurt by a painful childhood, the metal singer fought many years against his addictions. He committed suicide on the birthday of his friend Chris Cornell, who died two months before.

To honor his memory, his wife, Talinda has recently come out of his silence. Married in 2006 with the singer, they had together 3 children: Tyler, and binoculars Lilly and Lila. At PEOPLE, she gives a heartfelt tribute to her late husband:

“A week ago I lost my soulmate and the children lost their hero. Our fairy tale has recently turned to drama. How to move forward? The only answer is to bring up our children with the love I have left”

In her message, Talinda also has a thought for the many fans of the artist:

“I want to say to all fans around the world that we feel their love,” she said. “We also feel their pain. My children are too young to have lost their father. And I know that each of you will honor his memory with dignity. She was a beautiful person with the voice of an angel. Now freed from his suffering, he can now sing in peace, Rest in peace, my love”

Since the singer’s death, tributes multiply. Deeply affected, members of the Linkin Park group announced that they were canceling their tour. They also announced they want to engage in suicide prevention.