Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice Synopsis

Like the movie with the dark and sadistic genre made by Zack Snyder, Batman vs Superman movie: Dawn of Justice is also full of violence that has MPAA Rating PG-13. Two superhero characters that usually appear in different universes, currently united in a movie screen.

Batman as an ordinary human who has traumatized by the crime of killing his parents grew up in an educated, wealthy environment, and he prepared himself to turn the city against evil with his own hands. Superman as an alien from the planet Krypton rescued by his father from the destruction of his hometown. Gain superpower while on earth. Fortunately, he grew up in a religious and simple peasant family.

In the beginning, Batman intends to kill Superman as a result of General Zod’s attack destroying all of America, including Gotham City, leaving the death of his best friend. To him, superhuman abilities are not supposed to be possessed by someone who is not from planet Earth. This desire is growing when many mass media question the existence of Superman who has the attitude of human beings and mingle with humans, who may one day become evil.

On the other hand, the mass media also preach the unpleasant thing about Batman. Batman is a street judge who haunts criminals all over Gotham City. The peace of Gotham City is due to the sense of terror experienced by the wicked. Batman is a figure like a ghost so to add a message of terror, Batman gives the bat stamp on the criminals. Criminals with bat stamps are often killed to death while in custody. The death of the bat stamp is the problem with the mass media. Justice given Batman is not fair in the corrupt system in Gotham City. Even Superman ignited a sense of anger for assuming a form of injustice.

The evil genius Lex Luthor played his part very well. Lex Luthor wants to master weapons technology. And this will not be possible if Superman is alive. All he can do is look for the remains of the Kryptonite on Earth to kill Superman. He camouflages the media to create a negative tendency both to Batman and to Superman. Lex creates news that can make both superheroes fight.

Finally, Lex Luthor forced Superman to kill Batman because his identity has been revealed. His mother became a hostage to replace Batman’s head. In his plan, Lex revives the ancient creatures stored in the ruins of General Zod’s ship. Both must die because they already know the evil plan. So whoever survives in the battle must face this creature as well. This ancient creature was very strong until Wonder Women appeared and helped Batman and Superman.

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