Paula Modersohn-Becker, forgotten precursor of modern art

Paula Modersohn-Becker has been painted and that’s it. She was friends with Rilke. She did not really like being married. She aims at rice pudding, applesauce, walking in the moor, Gauguin, Cézanne, sea bathing, being in the sun, reading rather than making a living, and Paris. She may be a child. It existed in real, from 1876 to 1907.

This is how the writer Marie Darrieusecq described the German artist Paula Modersohn-Becker, in his biography Being here is a splendor. Life of Paula Modersohn-Becker.

The Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris presents the first monograph in France of this artist who although unknown to the French public, is very popular in Germany and is today considered a major figure of modern art.

Marie Darrieusecq tried to repair this injustice:

“The more I discovered her work, the more I’m told it was unbearable that she could not be here. The more I loved her, the more I wanted to show her, simply. “

Resolutely modern and ahead of its time, the painting shows a daring personal aesthetic. If the topics are typical of his time (self-portraits, mother and child, landscapes, still lifes …), his way of dealing with the innovative. His paintings are distinguished by a power of expression in color, a great sensitivity and a great ability to grasp the essence of his models. Despite her short artistic career reduced to about ten years, the artist transmits a rich work that the exhibition traces through 130 paintings and drawings in a chronological and thematic way. A unique and sensitive journey.

After training in Berlin, in 1898 she joined the artistic community of Worpswede, in northern Germany, where she met her future husband, Otto Modersohn, who was also a painter.

Paula Modersohn-Becker, a woman who appears in many self-portraits, feeling intimately, without any complacency. This self-portrait, where she portrays herself pregnant, is charged with a certain tragic irony, since she will die at the age of 31 after giving birth to her first child. It is a total fiction with the artist then not pregnant … This woman was the price in the tensions between creativity and life that on the demand of women at that time. She fled several times to Paris. Fascinated by the avant-gardes of the early twentieth century, she made four long stays that represented a true aesthetic liberation. She sees Cézanne, Matisse, Gauguin, Douanier Rousseau … These influences are essential in her work.

A very short work, but very intense. She has no artistic recognition in her lifetime – she will only sell three paintings in her lifetime – her husband very early, does not understand at all what she does. There is no class in Paris, in Montparnasse, the only place at the time when women can learn anatomy. She finds a freedom she did not know in Germany.

This painting shows a breastfeeding, a sleep after breastfeeding in a very simple and comfortable position for necessarily taught in the maternity, it is an unpublished representation for its year of creation: 1906.

Several paintings considered too avant-garde are presented in the degenerate art exhibition organized by the Nazis in Munich in 1937. His representation of the female body was not in conformity with the codes. It is perhaps the first woman to have painted naked, car models, all simply, it gives a representation of the female body very direct, denuded also of the male gaze on the female body. When Paula visits the Louvre, there are only four women exhibitors including Vigée Lebrun, and hundreds of women exposed. It represents, neither sacred nor madonna nor odalisque. She will expose only twice, and it is a failure … The critics on the nausea before his paintings! She paints alone, she experiments with great freedom.

“It is the sweet vibration of things that I must learn to express, the crepit in itself, in general, with the most intimate observation, aiming for the greatest simplicity. Paula Modersohn-Becker

It was only after his death in 1907 that it was discovered that she left a considerable body of work. In total, more than a thousand paintings and drawings – there are still about 730 paintings, some of which disappeared during the war.

Note that in Germany, Paula Modersohn-Becker is the first woman to have had her museum. He opened in 1927 in Bremen thanks to a patron, Ludwig Roselius.

Dow Jones continues to fall, stockbrokers are overwhelmed

Dow Jones continues to make corrections. In early February the Dow Jones index has made a correction, up to 5 days later experienced an increasingly large selloff. 1 February 2018, the Paris Bourse limits a little the breakage at the end of the course but the CAC40 yields -0.87% to 5.474 (against 5.465 at the lowest), the euro-Stoxx50 loose -0.9% to 3.610.

At mid-session, the US indices are widening their losses with -1% on average on the S & P500 and the Nasdaq and -1.5% the Dow Jones (led by United health and Pfizer with -4%): it is the most strong intraday correction since September 5 and 48H (-1.7%) since mid-August.

The Asian places had set the tone this morning with Shanghai -1%, Taiwan -1.3%, Tokyo -1.45%.

While the end of the month has ended for 14 months by closing at the highest: it is the first significant hitch on Wall Street and in Europe since the election of Donald Trump.

The CAC40 falls below 5,500Pts (at 5,474) despite encouraging figures for French GDP and then that of the Eurozone, which rose respectively + 0.6% in the fourth quarter in first estimate.

French GDP growth reached 1.9% in 2017 thanks to a dynamic fourth quarter (+ 0.6%, same pace as in the Euro zone), in the Eurozone, it stood at + 2.7%.

German inflation for January slows by -0.1% (the rise of the euro produces its effect), + 1.6% year-on-year, and + 1.4% in ‘HICP’ (harmonized rhythm in European level).

The fall of Wall Street has nothing to do with the price of housing in the United States, unchanged at + 6.4% in November

The Conference Board consumer confidence index beat the consensus for the same month of January with a +2.3Pts increase to 125.4 against 123.1. It remains to be discovered and Donald Trump’s speech on ‘the state of the Union’. The Dollar remains volatile: it dropped to 1.2450 at midday before recovering to 1.2400 (-0.1%). Boosted by growth on the old continent, the single currency rallies sharply, + 0.5% to 1.2440 / $, while the barrel of WTI, once is not custom compensates for the decline of $ and down -1.9% to $ 64.3 on the NYMEX.

Lastly, on the securities side, the oil companies suffered from the relapse of ‘gross’ and Total Loose -1.7%, Technip-FMC closed the market with -2.9% (same sanction for Vallourec within the SBF-120 ). Heavy banking with banks including BNP-Paribas (-1.7%) and Credit Agricole (-1.5%) and AXA (-2%). Symmetrically, the 2.4% rise in the Diaxonhit share, surrounded by the announcement of a 55% growth in annual sales, will be signaled symmetrically. Within the SBF-120 Elis loose 1.8% despite a 2017 turnover up 46% (+ 2.4% organic), Elior drops -1.9%, Eramet closes the march with -3.7%. JCDecaux and Manitou’s annual turnover will also be disclosed after the stock market and Kaufman & Broad’s 2017 results.

5 February 2018 The New York Stock Exchange moves on an almost sluggish note Tuesday morning, the day after a historic correction that saw the Dow Jones plummet a time of more than 6%. An hour after the start of trading, the Dow Jones is down 0.3% to 24,264.5 points, after falling 2% at the opening, while the Nasdaq Composite advance of 0.6% to 7012 ,3 points. This return to normal, or almost, is favored by the clear relaxation of the bond compartment.

After peaking at 2.88% on Friday, the 10-year US yield returned to 2.70% on Tuesday. The reassuring comments of the big market strategists also help to find some semblance of serenity. ‘There is no need to panic after the recent stock market correction’, says Lukas Daalder at Robeco. ‘The plunge in global markets is just the realization of a long-overdue correction,’ he adds. ‘This seller movement should generate a medium-term purchase opportunity’, says the professional.

And while some draw parallels with the stock market crash of 1987 (rising rates, high valuations and a high amount of algorithmic trading), they exclude such a black scenario. ‘We will probably see more volatility in the coming days’, warns Hartwig Kos, at SYZ Asset Management, ‘But if the dashboard is the same as that of 1987, great shopping opportunities could arise,’ he adds.

Note also that the trade deficit of the United States has further worsened in December 2017, according to the Commerce Department, to 53.1 billion dollars, where economists on average expected that a digging to 52 , 1 billion.

The United States Faces the Closure of the Government after the Senate Refused to Extend the Budget

The United States was left on Friday on the verge of a federal government closing for lack of money, after the failure of an attempt in the Senate to approve a provisional budget of four weeks.

The Republican Party needed 60 votes out of 100 to approve a one-month extension in last year’s budget, in order to allow negotiations for a final annual plan, but did not get enough support.

With this failure, the government was left with just over an hour (until 05.00 GMT) to find a way out of the crisis.

This painting leaves President Donald Trump before the prospect of a heavy political defeat.

In the event that an agreement is not reached by midnight, in the first minute of Saturday the government must cease operations of federal departments and offices considered non-essential, just on the day on which the exact year of Trump’s inauguration is fulfilled.

On Friday afternoon, Trump personally took over the reins of the negotiations and met urgently in the White House with the Democratic Party leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, for a last-minute effort.

In the Twitter network, Trump said he had an “excellent preliminary meeting” with Schumer, in which both “worked in search of solutions for security and for our military.”

However, shortly after he returned to Twitter to admit that the prospect of reaching a political agreement in the Senate that prevents the government from closing “does not look good”.

“It does not look good for our military and our security, ” Trump said in a Twitter message in which he accused the Democrats of wanting “the government’s closure to diminish the success of our tax reduction law.”

Trump issued the tweet at a time when the Senate is preparing an emergency vote at 10:00 pm local time to try to approve an extension of last year’s budget for another four weeks.

In case it is not possible to reach an agreement, at midnight this Friday the government will be forced to close non-essential federal departments and offices until Congress approves a budget.

The Republican Party has a majority of 51 votes out of 100 in the upper house, although to seal an agreement 60 votes are needed, so that the democratic opposition has a central role in the outcome of the crisis.

However, at nightfall, Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders told reporters that Republicans “do not have 60 votes.”

On Friday afternoon, President Donald Trump met urgently in the White House with the leader of the Democratic Party in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, for a last-minute effort.

What is The Top Google Search 2017

As every year in December, Google presents its balance sheet of the most wanted terms over the past year. And as always, the results are very related to the news and more generally, to topics that have had a significant media coverage.

In France, Hurricane Irma and the elections caught the attention of Internet users
In France, many Internet users have been searching for information on “hurricane Irma” (which affected French overseas territories in September 2017) and “legislative election”. The term “Catalonia” (referring to the declaration of independence of this Spanish region in autumn 2017) comes in third place. “Grégory affair”, “Attentat Barcelona” and “North Korea” come to close the list.

Among the political figures, the French were most interested, in order, to Emmanuel Macron, François Fillon, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Marine Le Pen, Benoit Hamon, Manuel Valls, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, Edouard Philippe, François Bayrou and Alain Juppé.

Among the “personalities who have left us”, the French were most interested in Johnny Hallyday and Jean d’Ormesson, as well as actors Mireille Darc, Jean Rochefort and Jeanne Moreau. The songs of Johnny Hallyday are also very present in the top 10 lyrics sought. But “Mwaka Moon”, “Despacito” and “Shape Of You” also interested French Internet users.
Bitcoins, spinners and the solar eclipse have attracted the interest of millions of Internet users

On the Google English, the list is not at all the same. If “ourangan Irma” comes in first, Internet users are mainly interested in “iPhone 8” and “iPhone X”, “Matt Lauer” and “Meghan Markle”. Among the search terms related to the news are also “bitcoin”, “Las Vegas shooting”, “North Korea” and “solar eclipse”.

As for technological innovations, the requests on the iPhone are followed by those on “Nintendo Switch”, “Samsung Galaxy S8” and “Xbox One X”.

In the “how to”, English-speaking Internet users were mainly interested in “how to make slime”, “how to make glasses to watch the solar eclipse”, “how to buy bitcoins”, “how to watch Mayweather vs McGregor” ( a long-awaited boxing match) and “how to make a spinner”.

Bitcoin: Amazing Increment in 2017

Bitcoin has seen an amazing increment in 2017 from $ 1,000 to $ 16,800. Back on the principle phases of a turbulent year for the ruler of cryptographic forms of money.

This is the narrative of a money that has increased its incentive by 17 of every one year. We can not (even now) not purchase much with, but rather the year 2017 has unmistakably been a great cru for bitcoin, the ruler of cryptographic forms of money.

A bitcoin was worth just 1 000 dollars 1 st January, when it exchanged as against 17 2 00 dollars to 12 of December. A major jump forward of 1685 % makes this digital money one of the undisputed stars of 2017. The total estimation of the 16.7 million bitcoins accessible for utilize is at display more than 293 million dollars . Among November and December, his course was even increased.

A flight that is clarified, specifically, by the blessing of identities and perceived lenders. Famous people like Paris Hilton or the affluent boxing u r Floyd Mayweather have reconnuces months will put resources into dematerialized monetary forms (Bitcoin, Ethereum, monero, dash, and so forth.). Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and Morgan Stanley’s James Gorman anticipate a splendid future for bitcoin.

It has additionally picked up authenticity when it has been touted as a cure for the financial inconveniences of nations like Venezuela (very nearly liquidation) or Zimbabwe (with perpetual jogging swelling). It could fill in as an elective methods for installment in nations where access to cash is winding up progressively troublesome.

Nobel prizes against bitcoin

In any case, it is the Asian intensity that has truly impelled it to the statures. In April, Japan turned into the primary nation to perceive this specific money as a methods for installment. China, which is increasingly rain and sparkle on this digital currency, was at the cutting edge of a standout amongst the most huge wonders of this current year : the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) . The component is near the IPOs : new businesses raise assets to fund their undertaking with Internet clients who, in return for their dollars, get tokens recorded to cryptographic forms of money rather than shares.

Some undertaking designers have collected great measures of cash in record time, for example, the Filecoin promoters , who brought $ 200 million up in 60 minutes. Looked with the fever regarded excessively solid in China, Beijing settled in September, to prohibition on its domain the new ICO.

The inescapability of bitcoin media and its impolite budgetary wellbeing have pushed pundits to sound the alert and caution of the danger of theoretical air pocket . Sizes, for example, Nobel Prize victors Joseph Stiglitz, Paul Krugman and French Jean Tirole cautioned against the dangers of bitcoin. JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon has even called the individuals who get them “doltish “. Their primary feedback to all : bitcoin has no other incentive than that which examiners will give them.

An ideological open deliberation that shows how, eight years after its creation, bitcoin moved toward becoming standard.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Engage

Next year we’re leaving real wedding! It was one of the most anticipated news and, finally, the great event has taken place. “His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales is delighted to announce Prince Harry’s engagement to Miss Meghan Markle . The link will take place in the spring of 2018. More details about the wedding day will be announced in due time “, can be read in the official statement issued by Clarence House, in addition, the note states that the couple committed to Early November in London and that the Prince has already informed Queen Elizabeth and the other close members of his family.

In fact, everything seems to indicate that Harry could have asked consent to his grandmother during the meeting held in mid-October, when, according to the English press, Meghan’s first meeting with the Queen of England took place . The couple, who will undoubtedly star in the wedding in 2018, met with the soberna at Buckingham Palace, where they were having tea and would surely share their happiness with her, as well as chatting about their wishes and future plans together.

Many assured that the son of the remembered Diana of Wales could have proposed marriage to the American actress during the romantic trip that made Africa this summer, however, it seems that finally he preferred to wait to do it in London. In addition, although we still do not know exactly where he proposed it, some media say that it is very likely that he has done so in the place that will soon become his home:  Nottingham Cottage, the two-bedroom house located on the grounds of Kensington Palace, and that has been Prince Harry’s residence for the past several years. Harry and Meghan will pose this afternoon before the cameras and, in addition to unveiling the best kept secret, the engagement ring, they could also address some of these issues. Will they tell how that special moment was for them?

iPhone X Raises Apple Stock

The introduction of money related outcomes for its last financial quarter has enabled Apple to move to a record cost of more than $ 174, making it out of the blue the $ 900 billion sign of market valuation.

The announcement of its financial results for its last fiscal quarter led Apple ‘s share price to rise by more than 3%, bringing it to a new record of more than $ 174 .

With such a value, its market capitalization exceeded for the first time the $ 900 billion mark , while it was still $ 870 billion a day earlier.

The California firm has announced sales of $ 52.6 billion for a net profit of $ 10.7 billion in the quarter ended September. Over this period, Apple has managed to sell 46.7 million iPhones (a little more than last year at the same time), but also 10.3 million iPad (a little more than last year also ) and 5.4 million Macs.

Especially, Apple already anticipates a turnover of between 84 and 87 billion dollars for the current quarter, beyond the expectations of analysts, which has placed investors in confidence.

The California firm is in the running to achieve in the short or medium term the symbolic course of a stock market valuation of $ 1000 billion and this objective is more than ever in the line of fire.

Carnage in Las Vegas What We Not Know

30,000 people attend a concert in Las Vegas when gunfire suddenly falls. Gradually, more and more details of the tragedy become known.

What happened?

Visitors to an open-air concert in Las Vegas received many shots on Sunday evening (local time). The attack on the Route 91 Harvest Festival killed dozens of people, well over 50, and injured more than five hundred others. According to police, the alleged shooter has been killed by forces on the 32nd floor of the nearby Mandalay Bay hotel.

Country vocalist Jason Aldean had just started his last song for the evening when first shots were fired around 11pm local time. The perpetrator had previously broken with a hammer or the like the window of his room on the 32nd floor of the hotel “Mandalay Bay” in Las Vegas. Onlookers report that they initially thought the blasts were firecrackers. Significantly artist Aldean did not react at the outset, but rather kept on playing a couple of bars until the point that he all of a sudden fled from the stage.

Pictures of the attack site show escaping concert guests as well as people lying on the floor. In videos on social networks continuous shots are heard in a very fast sequence. Witnesses report that they had sounded like machine-gun fire. An onlooker told the nearby TV station “KLAS” that he had seen somebody tossing several shots at the group a couple of floors over the show. According to police, eyewitnesses in distress calls said they had noticed that the hotel was fired.

In the video: “Crawl over the dead”: Eyewitnesses describe moment, as offender fired from 32nd floor
“At the time, we do not think there are any (other) shooters left.” The perpetrator, according to the police, is the 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, said to have done his job alone: ​​”We believe it’s one a lonely wolf, ” the police said, US media show pictures of a fair-skinned man with gray hair in a woman’s arms, holding a glass in his hand since 2016 in a community with many retirees near Las Vegas and His foreman Eric Paddock describes the shooter as an inconspicuous man, he is said to have had a passion for gambling and played for high six-figure sums.

The investigators sought after the fact a woman of Asian origin named Marilou Danely. In what connection is the woman to the incidents, said the chief of police of Las Vegas not. He called her a companion of the attacker. According to media reports, the woman may have lived with the perpetrator. She was found hours after the fact. In addition, the police discovered two vehicles with license plates of the federal state Nevada, which were also searched.

Murder weapons:

Which weapon the perpetrator wrought the bloodbath has not yet been finally clarified. In the hotel room from which the man opened the fire, investigators secured a total of 16 firearms, including automatic rifles and the weapon with which the shooter then aimed himself.

In a raid on Paddock’s private home in Mesquite, 130 kilometers from Las Vegas, officials found the sheriff had another 18 firearms, thousands of rounds of ammunition, the explosive Tannerite, and ammonium nitrate used in bomb-making. The second mansion in Reno should also be investigated.


Currently, the authorities claim 59 deaths and more than 500 injured. Hospitals treat several seriously injured people. “We crawled over the dead,” says the concertgoer Cari Copeland Pearson the news agency dpa.

Even several policemen who visited the concert in their free time should have been killed. The singer Jason Aldean remained intact, as he announced a few hours after the bloodbath. “Tonight was more than terrible,” wrote the artist. “I’m still missing the words, but I wanted to let you know that I and my crew are safe. My thoughts and prayers are for all who are affected today. ”

Why were there so many victims?

The offender probably shot out of an elevated position. With around 30,000 people in a confined space, “he just had to aim for the middle and pull the trigger,” said James Gagliano, retired FBI agent CNN. In addition, the position of the shooter caused confusion and panic in the crowd. If a shooter fires from an elevated position, “nobody knows where the shots come from,” Gagliano said. “People are not trained to look up.” As a weapon, the perpetrator probably used a machine gun or another military weapon, said the FBI expert on.

What is still unclear:
Which motive did the shooter have? Currently, it is completely unclear why the alleged perpetrator opened the fire on the concert visitors. Although the terrorist militia IS claims that the man was one of their “warriors”. But there are no clues.

It is also unclear whether he really acted alone and what role the woman plays, the police were looking for.

There are indications that could speak against the first thesis of the investigators, that it was a single offender. For some shots of the shootings give the impression that two weapons were fired simultaneously. The videos have a dark, dull sound and a lighter, metallic tone. An observer told the US station “FOX News” : “It seemed like more than a machine gun.”

It is also unclear at the moment why the shooter – or the shooter – was able to shoot so long, even though the crime took place in a city with a huge police presence.Onlookers report that they initially thought the blasts were firecrackers. Significantly artist Aldean did not react at the outset, but rather kept on playing a couple of bars until the point that he all of a sudden fled from the stage.

iPhone 8 Most Anticipated Phone

Available since September 22, the new iPhone 8 Apple sets the bar a little higher photo. We tested the improvements and new features of the smartphone.

Always more ? If it is now common knowledge that Apple’s new iPhone 8 (released September 22) has technical specificities very similar to those of iphone 7, the firm at the apple however insists on the care once again brought in the photo section of his toy.

For the record, the iPhone 8 is equipped on the back with a dual 2 x 12 megapixel photo module (a 28mm wide-angle lens with f / 1.8 focal length and a 56mm f / 2.8 module). Let’s face it: the untrained eye will certainly struggle to differentiate between the photos of the iPhone 7 and those of the iPhone 8, as the quality is approaching.

In daylight, the images made are excellent. They are even more so when the conditions of light are good. We can even zoom quite strongly in the clichés made to find that their level of detail is really very rich. A particularly good point if you have a habit of storing his photos (or if you want to print them by enlarging).

In the same way, the colors are rather faithful to the reality (perhaps a little warmer than with the iPhone 7), the image processing applied by the new processor A11 Bionic of the iphone 8 avoiding their give this “digital” aspect still too often put forward by some competitors, or to over-smooth the materials. Very correct results, therefore.

Beware, however, in low light: the iPhone 8 finds the flaws usually seen on its elders, with a grain quickly apparent and a slight mottling in the image that increases as the light decreases. At this level, the LG G6 smartphone is always better.

Portraits in the making
True novelty nevertheless, with a Portrait mode “Studio” supposed to recreate lighting conditions worthy of a professional work around the subject.

Still in beta, this feature allows you to select multiple types of lighting: natural, studio lighting, edge lighting, stage lighting (with soft focus on the back of the subject), and monochrome stage lighting.

Simply place the face of the person you want to “carve” in the center of the screen, in the circle provided for this purpose, and choose at the bottom of the screen, the nature of the desired lighting . Behind the scenes, the 56mm photo module captures the subject, while the 28mm module handles work on the image in the background. Thus, the scene is reconstituted in 3D, allowing to play on the light and the contrasts at the back of the person that one immortalizes.

For now, the results are very good as long as we do not select the two functions “stage lighting”. Indeed in this case, the results obtained seem still random, as the processor manages to find it difficult to trim at certain times the hair of the subject. Consequence: images sometimes unusable. But not enough to sulk his pleasure: by taking again several times, even by modifying the conditions of the shooting (by asking about him to change his pose, playing a little light), we finally end up with the sesame, with portraits that stand out.

If these new features improve, they should be a disaster on the next iPhone X (available November 3), since the front sensor of the smartphone should allow him too to enjoy. No, certainly, the selfies, it’s not over!

Effects of Hurricane Irma Around The World

Hurricane Irma proceeds with its staggering race towards Cuba that it will achieve this Friday evening. Intersection the Caribbean, the Category 5 tornado has just murdered no less than 12 individuals. He was retrograded in class 4 this Friday morning. Hurricane Irma, which is as of now wrecking the Caribbean, is of “remarkable” force on the Atlantic and has caused substantial harm in a few Caribbean islands, with a dubious human toll.

As per the announcements of the administrations concerned, the temporary monetary record is presently twelve passings, with the declaration of two passings in Puerto Rico after the demise of four passings in the US Virgin Islands. Misfortune and harm could add up to $ 120 billion in the United States and the Caribbean and the Caribbean, as per displaying organization Enki Research.

Ranked in Category Five – maximum possible in terms of power for a cyclone – by the US National Hurricane Center (NHC), Irma strikes Barbuda Island around 8 am (French time) Wednesday with winds reaching 295 km / h.

This small island is “totally devastated”, according to the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne, who reports on Thursday a first assessment of a dead person. He laments,

“We are experiencing the consequences of climate change”

St. Barthelemy and St. Martin
A few hours later, the hurricane crosses the French island of Saint-Barthélemy, then the Franco-Dutch Saint-Martin. Météo-France mentions gusts of wind at 360 km/h. Hurricane Irma has killed at least nine people and seven missing in the French Caribbean islands, according to the latest assessment given on Friday by Interior Minister Gérard Collomb. The previous government record of the cyclone had reported Thursday four deaths. The hurricane, of unprecedented intensity, devastated the islands of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy.

The Prime Minister also cited “fifty wounded, two serious and one in absolute urgency.” At least one person was killed and several injured in the Dutch part of Sint Maarten, according to the Dutch interior minister. The damage is “huge” in the Dutch part of St. Martin, devastating the airport and leaving the island cut off from the world, according to Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

French side, the chairman of the territorial council Daniel Gibbs, “in shock”, speaks of a “huge disaster: 95% of the island of Saint-Martin is destroyed.” Testimonies evoke an “apocalyptic landscape”. The French Prime Minister says,

“The electricity is cut, drinking water is absent, gasoline unavailable, roads congested and partially impassable, electronic communications are difficult”

It will take “many months” previously an arrival to ordinary power in Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, as per the CEO of EDF administrator Jean-Bernard Lévy.

US Virgin Islands
At least four people were killed in the US Virgin Islands after hurricane Irma, Governor Kenneth Mapp’s office and a rescue service said Thursday.

Porto Rico
Irma evaded between Wednesday night and Thursday morning the northern US region of Puerto Rico, with twists at 295 km/h, causing power cuts and overwhelming precipitation. No less than two individuals lost their lives amid the hurricane, as per Carlos Acevedo, an individual from the Emergency Management Agency in the United States, on Thursday night. The greater part of the 3 million occupants are presently without power and waterways are out of bed in the middle and north of the island.

Dominican Republic
Since 5 pm Thursday (French time), the hurricane began to skirt the Dominican Republic, before heading to Haiti, then the Turks and Caicos Islands and the Bahamas, according to forecasts of the NHC. Winds of 285 km/h and substantial downpours hit the Dominican Republic, driving the clearing of 19,000 individuals. An aggregate of 2,135 abodes have just been influenced by surges, falling trees and whirlwinds, and the specialists have made safeguard control blackouts.

Irma’s passage has begun to cause floods and injured people in northeastern Haiti, Haitian civil protection services said on Thursday. According to the latest forecasts, hurricane Irma category 5, the maximum force, must pass a little further north than Haiti, which could mitigate its impact on this Caribbean country, ranked among the poorest in the world.

Cyclone category 5, Irma was downgraded to category 4 Friday morning. It could hit northern Cuba on Friday night or Saturday morning, then move up to the southeastern coast of the United States, first hitting Florida then Georgia and South Carolina. According to Brock Long, head of the US emergency agency (Fema),

“Irma is going to be “really destructive” when he arrives on the shores of Florida.”

Mandatory evacuation orders have been issued for the coastal areas of Florida and the state of Georgia.

Two other hurricanes
Friday and Saturday, another hurricane, Jose, will go around 300 km upper east of St. Martin. Jose has fortified in class 3, as per the NHC. A third hurricane, Katia, debilitates the Atlantic bank of Mexico: a hurricane cautioning was issued for individuals between the urban areas of Cabo Rojo and Laguna Verde for the night from Friday to Saturday.